Elegant Features Of Z-4 Mobility Scooter For Adults

Technology's latest wonder: mobility scooters. A mobility scooter is a lifesaver as a handy and affordable product. And if you are an adult below 330 pounds, you will not want to miss Malisa Mobility's Z-4 Mobility Scooter. This 4-wheel scooter for adults stands out its rivals with the following striking features. 

  • Z-4 Mobility Scooter for adults comes with a powerful motor, which gets its power from a high-volume lithium battery. Again, thanks to the 12Ah lithium battery, it can travel up to 13 miles in one go at a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour. With 7.5-inch front tires and 8.5-inch back tires, which are also stab-resistant, you can get over any surface and obstacle you may face. The anti-rollover wheels, located just behind the tires, protect you from falling and rolling over.
  • Enough with the statistics, the Z-4 Mobility Scooter for adults also has a height-adjustable and comfortable seat. The seat can easily be customized, offering maximum comfort for you. Its backrest provides gentle cushioning and support, thus preventing any back pain. The swivel seat can rotate, which also helps you get off the scooter without having a hard and painful time.
  • Z-4 Mobility Scooter for adults is approved on flights and cruises, ensuring you can travel anywhere. All parts of the scooter are also approved and safe so that you can get into any amusement park, museum, exhibit, or shopping mall with ease. To let you drive safely at night, Z-4 Mobility Scooter has headlights and rear brake lights to alert the driver when you brake.
  • Here comes the greatest thing about Z-4 Mobility Scooter for adults. You want a powered mobility scooter primarily for mobility. If you cannot carry it with you, your mobility will be limited. This 4-wheel mobility scooter for adults is foldable and composed of 5 lightweight parts, the heaviest being 28 pounds. So, it fits in your car’s trunk. Watch our video to see how easy it is for anybody to do that.

Your happiness and satisfaction is the most important thing. Malisa Mobility guarantees you a risk-free purchase. Everything about Z-4 Mobility Scooter for adults is user-friendly, from the motor to the tires. You are offered a one-year spare parts and a six-month battery warranty so that you don't experience a hard time and have regrets after purchasing the scooter. You shouldn't pass up on this amazing product.