Can I Take The Plane? What Documentation Is Required?

  • Yes, our products can be allowed to be carried on the plane, different airlines will have different regulations, you can consult the airline staff of your flight 
To Avoid Overcharging, Should I Need Protective Measures When Charging?

  • No, the charger has a power-off protection function. When the battery is fully charged, the charging power supply will cut off by itself.
Can I Use It In Different Countries?

  • Yes, our products have an input voltage of 100-240V, which is suitable for most countries in the world. We can provide you with the right charger according to the type of plug used in your country.
Can The Pedal Be Adjusted?

  • Yes, the pedal has an adjustment device that can be adjusted to your most suitable position according to your usage.
Can The Armrest Be Adjusted?

  • Yes, our armrests can be adjusted up and down. Please adjust the armrest position lock before adjusting.
How To Fold?

  • Our products can be quickly folded and unfolded. For details, please click on our product video link.
Should I Need To Assemble After Unpacking?

  • After unpacking, only the controller joystick needs to be installed, the wheelchair lock is fixed, and the power can be used.
Is It Possible To Switch Manually By Electric Mode?

  • Yes, you can adjust the red handle on the motor position to switch the manual electric mode.
How Is The Battery Installed?

  • Please click on our product video link for battery installation.
Can I Put It In The Trunk Of The Car?

  • Yes, the product is small in size and can be completely placed in the trunk of the car.
Can The Back Cushion Be Disassembled?

  • The back cushions are mounted on the product using Velcro and can be easily removed for cleaning.
Can The Controller Lever Switch Between Left And Right?

  • Yes, the joystick can be switched left and right
What Are Included In The Purchase Of The Product?

  • The wheelchair with batteries, joystick, tool kit, and charger
Can I Drag After Folding?

  • After folding, switch the manual mode and the wheelchair can be dragged normally.
What Is The Shock Absorbing System? Are All Wheelchairs Available Or Can Be Added?

  • The spring is shock absorbing, and the shock absorber is mainly used to suppress the shock when the spring rebounds aftershock absorption and the impact from the road surface. The shock absorbing spring can filter the vibration of the road when passing through the uneven road surface
What Is The Production Process Of The Wheelchair?

  • Raw material cutting – processing forming – welding – heat treatment (increasing hardness) – baking paint – inspection – assembly – finished product – the packaging
What Are The Advantages Of The Wheelchair Frame Material? Why Use This Material As A Framework?

  • Aluminum alloy; low density, lightweight, and high strength. Its processing and corrosion and mechanical properties have many characteristics: fast heat dissipation, lightweight, good rigidity, certain corrosion resistance, and dimensional stability, good impact resistance, wear resistance and attenuation performance.
How Can The User Ensure Safety When The Wheelchair Is Retreating?

  • Seat belt, sitting position and controller speed
The Electric Wheelchair Use The Manual Mode For A Long Time, Will It Damage The Motor?

  • It will not.
How To Debug After The Goods Arrive?

  • First look at the appearance of the package, and then the battery whether is fully charged, follow the instructions.
Can Your Electric Wheelchair Be Carried On Board?

  • Our battery has a certificate, and you can also paste the battery label to facilitate the customer to successfully pass the security check.