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5 Most Critical Electric Wheelchair Parts

An electric wheelchair is not a luxury but a necessity. When purchasing an electric wheelchair, you will want to know all about its components for maintenance purposes. However, not all electric wheelchair parts are equally crucial. Some parts do not directly influence use and functionality. Here are the 5 most vital parts of an electric wheelchair that define its mobility. These parts are easily replaceable, extending a wheelchair’s lifespan. You should dote upon them so your wheelchair can stay with you longer. 

  • Batteries: Batteries are probably the most essential electric wheelchair part as they are the main power source. Maximizing the battery life is the goal, and you should be planned and organized to do so. You don’t want to become stranded in the middle of the street without the ability to charge the chair.
  • Seating: Cushioning and seating are substantial for your comfort and health. The correct seating system should prevent the user from sliding out of the chair, have the right pelvic positioning, and provide a proper posture for the user.
  • Motor: The motor of a wheelchair can somewhat be seen as the heart. It makes other electric wheelchair parts useful by connecting to the wheels and making them move. The engine obviously makes the wheelchair go, which is your main desire right from the start.
  • Tires and Wheels: Tires and wheels are also one of the electric wheelchair parts that make the other parts useful. Eventually, you can’t move the chair without them. There are different types of wheels, and you can pick one depending on your wishes. For instance, small wheels provide maneuverability in tight spaces, while the bigger ones are more durable and reliable on uneven surfaces.
  • Joystick: Joysticks are the electric wheelchair parts that separate the electric ones from the regular ones. They help you move whenever and wherever you like with ease, which is your main goal. They also come in handy when a carer needs some control.

Now that you know more about electric wheelchair parts, you can be extra careful while buying one. Plus, when you experience an issue with one of these components, you can replace them and keep your wheelchair running.

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