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5 Common Questions People Ask About Electric Wheelchair Batteries

Electric wheelchairs are among the most valuable gifts of recent technology because they increase your mobility, give you more freedom, and minimize hand power. You can do anything, anywhere, and anytime you like with the control of a joystick. However, your power wheelchair can be functional as long as its battery works. Therefore, you should maintain it well. Three things are essential when learning how to correctly use electric wheelchair batteries: lifetime, cost, and maintenance. Here are the common questions and answers about these three basics.

  1. How long will it take to fully charge my electric wheelchair battery?

It usually takes around 8 hours to completely charge a power wheelchair battery, but this varies depending on the type of your battery and charger. For example, a charger with high amps will make your battery charge faster than one with lower amps. You use your electric wheelchair daily, so it is advisable to leave the battery on the charger overnight. You needn't worry about overcharging if you use the charger that comes with your wheelchair. The charger will stop when charging is complete. 

  1. How long will a fully charged electric wheelchair battery last?

Most fully charged electric wheelchair batteries can help you travel up to 10 miles, lasting around 8 or 9 hours in one go. However, you should not overlook that this timespan can change based on your weight and your battery's age. Your driving speed and habits, the air pressure in the tires, and where you use the chair also influence how long the battery will last on one charge. For example, the faster you drive or the more often you have stop-and-go cycles, the faster the battery will drain. 

  1. How often should I change my electric wheelchair battery?

The answer to this question heavily depends on how well you've taken care of your battery. Electric wheelchair batteries usually have an average lifespan of one to two years. You can extend this with proper maintenance and the right driving habits. For instance, driving mostly on hard and flat surfaces and always trying to fully charge your battery without overcharging it can help. Plus, fully discharging the battery will shorten its life, so don't let your battery drain more than one-third of the charge. 

  1. Which battery type should I use for my electric wheelchair?

There are four types of electric wheelchair batteries: lithium-ion batteries, non-spillable wet batteries, spillable wet batteries, and gel batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are renowned as the most advanced and most effective ones amongst them. Even though they are expensive, they become cost-effective over time and come with many benefits, like being lighter and having more power than the others.

  1. Is there any way to know if my electric wheelchair battery charge is going low?

Electric wheelchairs feature battery gauge lights on the surface of the joystick controller. These lights help track the strength of electric wheelchair batteries, and they flash when the battery is fully charged. If you let your battery charge overnight every day, you won't have to worry about this issue.

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