Electric Bicycles vs. Tricycles: A point-By-Point Comparison

Electric Bicycles vs. Tricycles: A point-By-Point Comparison

Why do most people evaluate electric bicycles vs. tricycles? Our need for transportation keeps on growing. Every day we have to be at many different places, and walking is not always the best solution here. Therefore, we need some means of transportation. Cars might be a solution for long distances. Yet, if you’re going home from work or grocery shopping, using your car would be more unnecessary damage to our world and environment. That is where bikes and e-bikes come in.

Riding a bike to travel is a nature-friendly solution to our needs. However, it can be a high-effort and tiring way. So, knowing more about electric bikes and trikes is the best option here. The main difference between regular bikes and e-bikes is the motor. E-bikes have an engine to make pedaling easier. These motors ensure you can travel more distance with less effort. Also, e-bikes are heavier, which makes them more stable on the road. But what exactly do you need, two wheels or three? Here is a 3-point comparison of electric bicycles vs. tricycles.

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3 Main Differences Between Electric Bicycle vs. Tricycle

Electric bicycles vs. tricycles differences primarily originate from the number of wheels. Here, we are going to break down every one of them. Electric bikes have two wheels, one in the front and one in the back, while electric trikes have three, one in the front and two in the back. This might feel like nothing important, but the increase in the number of wheels can make a huge difference. For example, three wheels give you more stability, but two wheels provide an easier movement.

Besides comfort, the wheel number in electric bicycles vs. tricycles leads to distinctions in weight capacity. When you add another wheel to your bike, you make it heavier. A heavier bike means more space and greater capacity. For instance, FORZA Electric Tricycle can carry up to 440 pounds. In contrast, the maximum loading capacity on 2-wheel drive electric bikes is around 330 pounds. 

However, this comes with a pay-off, of course. When you add another wheel, you make the bike heavier, which limits your movement and quickness. So, if you carry more belongings, 3-wheel electric bikes are more suitable. You can effortlessly meet your daily shopping needs in nearby malls. A 2-wheel electric bike is the way to go if you want to easily maneuver and rotate. It will enable you to avoid traffic jams and reach your destinations in close vicinity on time.

Finally, when comparing electric bicycles vs. tricycles, speed also matters. As most of you would imagine, electric tricycles are often slower than electric bicycles. When another wheel is added, you have a safer and more stable vehicle, but you increase the contact surface. If you can’t magically deny the laws of physics, this makes you a bit slower. This does not mean electric tricycles are slow, though, just that they are slower. 

In conclusion, safer travel equals an electric trike, and a faster journey equals an electric bike. Weigh the differences two and three wheels make in your electric bicycles vs. tricycles comparison. And remember that there is always a trade-off. More wheels can increase comfort and load capacity but decrease speed. Now that you know these three critical issues, we hope you can find the most useful product.